Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sure Fire Ways To Spice Up Your Living Room On A Deadline
Looking to revamp the old living room but don’t have the time to spend on painting/renovating?

We’ve compiled a list of easy alternatives that make it possible to revamp quickly.
Creating a change in your living room doesn't have to cost a fortune or take weeks to complete. There are tons of simple, stress-less ways to freshen things up and give the room a boost. Don't believe us?

We share 10 easy, speedy ways to spruce things up this summer.

Rather than throwing away older pieces of furniture or accessories and replacing them with new ones, find easy ways to re-purpose them. A great idea is to store large items in a closet or in bins under the bed and use freestanding racks to hold something prettier and lighter, like flowers. Before tossing out old pencil boxes or mugs, give them a new profession as interesting holders.
Add a Carpet / Rug
You’d be surprised but rugs give both small and large spaces a complete new look & feel. There are endless options when it comes to style, size, shape, and texture. Pop into home furnishing store in India and you’ll definitely find the ideal carpet for your living room!

Carpet / Rug in Velvet and Brocade in Earth Tones 21FMTA015. Explore more Designer Carpets and Rugs by Jodhaa Home Furnishing

Drape it up!

Curtains and drapes can add a lot of personality to a room and make it look a great deal more refined. You can pick from a range of printed, embroidered and jazzy curtains and choose one that complements the underlying flavor of your living room.

Dress up your couch

The couch is more often than not the central focus of a living room. This is why when you are looking to revamp your living room; you should consider dressing up your couch. Not only is this faster, but it is considerably less expensive than getting a new couch altogether. Some interesting ideas to implement would include throwing designer bed sheets on the back-rest to add texture and personality to the piece of furniture. You’ll also find beautiful Jaipuri quilts that you can opt for instead.

Explore Designer Bedsheets in India from Jodhaa Home Furnishings Store

Pillow talk

A bright pillow or two can give a needed pop of color to an otherwise bland bedroom or living room. Throw pillows and cushions add comfort and a new dimension altogether to chairs & couches. You’ll find the most amazing printed, embroidered, embellished cushions online in India and you can pick the kind that suits your living room the best. Mixing and matching with different kinds, patterns, colors and fabrics is a great idea to jazz it up!

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Upgrade the lighting

Standard frosted ceiling domes scream cheap and generic. Your plain old lighting fixtures are boring. Swap them for a more creative covering, or just forgot them altogether in exchange for an electric combo of standing floor and table lamps, which have the added benefit of casting more flattering light than their overhead cousins do. From Asian-inspired paper covered lamps to the more modern and minimalist, you’ll be spoilt for choice while home d├ęcor online shopping.
Frame it
Be it the photos from last year’s Diwali celebration when the entire family came together or your children’s baby pictures – framing them and putting them up on the walls is a great way of reviving a dull room. Digital photos printed in black and white or sepia tones or even photos you already have lying around can be great accessories to your walls. If you’d like, you can have them arranged in a neat, symmetrical patter but frames look pretty great even if they’re hung randomly on a bedroom wall.
Remember, jazzing up one of the key spaces of a home doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming nor costly. Draw inspiration from friends' homes, gather opinions and trawl home-designing websites and magazines to get a better feel of what you'd like best. Let your imagination flow freely, and don’t ever be afraid to experiment!

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