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Guide to Buy Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are a simple product but if you are reading this article, you are either feeling overwhelmed with the choices or tired of making the wrong one. A good night sleep has a profound effect on how you function and feel during the day, and the feel of sheets play a pivotal role in this equation. Additionally, you want to buy Bed Sheets that fit the mattress and don't wear out too quickly. Here's what to consider when buying fitted and flat Bed Sheets. You also will be looking for Good Quality Bed Sheets and Designer Bed Sheets. You will be looking for Bed Sheets which will Look Best in Your Bed Room. This are Some Guide to Help You Buy Bed Sheets.

Choose the right size Bed Sheets

  • Bed Sheets are sold in the following standard sizes: twin, X-long twin, full (double), queen, king and Single.
  • For the fitted Bed Sheet, measure the depth of the mattress and look for a pocket depth that's at least 2 inches more so there's enough fabric to tuck underneath the corners. Bed Sheets that are 100 percent cotton will shrink the most.
Compare the benefits and drawbacks of different fabrics of Bed Sheets

  • Cotton Bed Sheets Fabrics has a cool, soft feel and is naturally stain resistant, but it's likely to shrink and wrinkle.
  • Combed cotton Bed Sheets Fabrics has had the shorter fibers removed to make the sheets feel smoother.
  • Egyptian cotton Bed Sheets Fabrics (grown along the Nile River) and Pima cotton (grown in Arizona) have longer fibers, this is to a longer growing season in these areas. The result is a stronger and more luxurious sheet that's even less likely to pill and shed lint. Sheets bearing the trademarked name "Suprima" are 100 percent Pima cotton.
  • Organic cotton bed sheets are made from plants that were not treated with pesticides. They also don't have any type of chemical treatment added by the manufacturer.
  • Cotton-polyester blend costs less than cotton and is more durable and wrinkle-free. The trade-off is you lose softness, and stains are harder to remove.
  • Flannel is a cotton blend that feels warmer.
Understand how the fabric's threads affect softness of Bed Sheets
  • The thread count, which typically ranges from 200 to 1,000, is the number
    of horizontal and vertical threads used to make a single square inch of the sheet. However, flannel Bed Sheets are measured in ounces per square yard, rather than thread count.
  • Each thread can be made from a single strain (1-ply) or 2 strains twisted together (2-ply). Bedding with 2-ply threads may be stronger, but the heavier weave usually feels stiffer and less soft.
Expect the weave of the fabric to affect softness of Bed Sheets.
  • A standard weave follows a simple over-under pattern. The term "percale" denotes a tight standard weave with 180 or higher thread count that adds a crispness to the feel of cotton.
  • A sateen weave has 4 vertical threads over each horizontal stitch, which puts more threads on the surface. It's more silky and glossy but sacrifices strength.
  • A twill weave is at a diagonal for a heavier feel and less wrinkling.
  • Jacquard and damask are intricate weaves that create a textured feel but cost more.
Select a color or pattern of Bed Sheets
  • Most bed sheets are dyed after they are woven, which makes them feel stiff until they have been washed a few times. 
  • Bed Sheets that are made from threads that are dyed before they are woven, such as jacquard, cost more.
Decide whether you want to buy sheets as a set or individually.

  • A sheet set, which includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and one or two pillow cases, is often more economical. However, if you don't use a flat sheet or have odd-sized pillows, it may make sense to buy individual pieces.

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Learn About Types of Bedding You Can Use to Keep your Bedroom Up to Date

There are many different types of terms used to identify certain pieces of bedding. Knowing the correct terms will help you shop and find the right item for your bed. Whether it's linens, bed coverings, pillows, or the stuffing you use for a duvet cover, this list will help you find the perfect fit, along with some tips you may not have known in regards to bedding.
Top Sheet
A top sheet, also known as a flat sheet, is the sheet you put over the top of your bed to separate you from your comforter or duvet. Some duvet or comforter sets do not include a top sheet because they’ll have a smooth, crisp cotton side instead, which replaces it.

Bottom Sheet
A bottom sheet, or fitted sheet, is the sheet with the elastic-edge that is used to fit over your mattress--hence the name bottom or fitted sheet.
A coverlet is a decorative fabric covering that does not touch the floor and normally does not cover the pillows. Woven coverlets and quilts fall into this category.
A bedspread is similar to a coverlet--a thin, decorative covering--but it normally covers the entire bed and touches the floor.
Blanket or Throw
A blanket or throw is a small covering normally found at the foot of a bed used for extra warmth or decorative accents.
A comforter is a bed cover set with fibers or down then sewed together at all four sides.
This stuffing is added to create additional warmth and comfort on cold nights. A comforter can be decorative and come in many different colors, patterns, and designs. It’s normally used as a major decorative element in bedrooms.
A duvet is similar to a comforter except it requires the use of a duvet cover, where a comforter does not.
Duvet Cover
A duvet cover is used over a comforter or duvet. It will have an opening where the comforter or duvet is inserted, once placed inside, it's opening is closed with buttons. The duvet cover is normally a decorative covering, which basic function is to add décor to your bedroom. Some duvet covers will have a sheet fabric sewn into one side so a top sheet is not required, which helps with making the bed since there's no need to tuck in any sheets.
Euro or Continental Pillow
A Euro or Continental pillow--a large square pillow--is a decorative pillow that sits back against the headboard.
Sleeping Pillow
A sleeping pillow is the medium-sized rectangular pillow that you lay your head on when sleeping. A sleeping pillow can come in many sizes--such as standard, Queen, or King--to fit your bed or sleeping habits.
Decorative Pillow
A decorative pillow, also referred to as an accent or throw pillow, is a small pillow that comes in many shapes, sizes and colors to add decoration to a bed.
Bolster Pillow
A Bolster pillow is a tubular pillow used to lean back against for lumbar support, but typically it’s used as a decorative pillow or accent pillow. These pillows range in size from very small to some that span the entire width of the bed.
A pillowcase is used to cover a sleeping pillow and sometimes decorative or bolster pillows. It’s normally a rectangular shape with an opening on one end where you insert the pillow.
Pillow Sham
A pillow sham is similar to a pillowcase but it does not open on one side, instead it has a flange, which is an extra piece of fabric that extends from where the pillow sham is sewn on each edge. Pillow shams create a more finished look, which is why they are used over pillowcases. Pillow shams are often more decorative than pillowcases and more likely to have elaborate embellishes on them.
Bed Skirt
A bed skirt is decorative piece of bedding placed between the mattress and box springs. It extends to the floor and its main function is to hide the box spring as well as add decor. Bed skirts are commonly used with coverlets, duvets, and comforter sets.
Now that you understand the different types of bedding, find great information on the types of bedding fabrics, weaves, and pillows to help you find comfort and a good night’s rest.

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Ingredients that fuelled the growth of Indian home decor industry

If you have been observing the home décor sector of India for about a decade, you would be surprised to know that people have been in the lookout for latest home furnishing ideas more seriously than ever. Manohar, the proud owner of an online shopping store for home decor says that people now have more money than they used to and importantly, they are willing to spend it on home décor.
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People want to go with the trending styles and ideas but are open to change the entire décor in a year wanting to move to the next novel thing as well, he says. “There was a family who called me regularly to get details of new trends in home furnishings”, he recalls.
There are many socio economic reasons behind people giving more importance to home furnishings in these recent years. In the recent past home was only a basic need for people but now people want to make their home looking better.
There are many reasons that can be attributed to the changing attitude of Indian families towards home decor and most important ones are understood to be as follows.
Increased inflow of income: Most of the Indian families now have money because of the economic improvement that the country has seen in the last couple of decades. Ever since the Indian economy was opened for foreign players, income of families have has seen significant improvement during these years. If people did not have money in the past to furnish their homes as much as they liked, now people have money to spend, more importantly they are willing to spend the money to make their home look better as much as they want.
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Knowledge of the opportunities people have: In the past people were ignorant of the opportunities they had to make their home look better and people who got such opportunity were scant. On the other hand, people now have more information at their hands more than ever and they are bombarded with opportunities at reasonable prices. Given these opportunities, people now only have the burden of decision-making. People are now updated; they are in contact with everything that is happening in very sector.
Nuclear families make decision making quicker: In the past, people lived in larger families and hence decision-making power was vested in certain individuals in the family and that made the whole thing a painful process. Now people live in smaller families and hence the decision making is quicker and simple.
Availability of ample of products: Everyone is able to get anything and everything they need at their door steps. It never used to be the case a decade ago. People never had much of a choice then but the same is never the case. They are able to get things that are of international standards and style at reasonable price tags. It makes everything easier and simpler.
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Due to the increase presence of online portals and sellers a large number of products and varieties are now easily accessible with services like free home delivery and cash on delivery. This ensures that the customer is not limited to the stores in their neighborhood but have a large range that they can access.
This ensures that homes are unique and do not look similar to other homes in their vicinity.
Indian home decor industry has been registering tremendous growth in the recent past and Research and Market says that by 2018 the industry will be worth a staggering $5.29 billion. Now, that is something everyone must be ready to reckon with.
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Indian home furnishing stores poised to go online; here is why.

According to the Internet & Mobile Association of India, the domestic e-commerce marker is all set to seize soaring heights in 2014 as well, the Times of India reports. With every tick of the clock, the value of the online market sets new heights; it has been quick in the past and there are no glimpses of it waning in the future as well.
The online home furnishing stores in India contribute heavily to the ever-growing e-commerce sector and they have gained the confidence to the make a fortune in the online business. People are now more convinced to buy home furnishing items online than going to a physical shop to purchase the same item.
Why do India prefer online home furnishing stores

Indian populace, in the past never shared anything common with most of the countries outside the subcontinent when it came to consumer behavior. As the economy became more dynamic and liberal, they were exposed to more choices and higher quality products that most of the international players offered them. With great choices and superior quality products, the Indian consumer became a global consumer.
Some of the important aspects that made the Indian-home-decor-consumer purchase home furnishing online are as follows.
Technological development
The technological advancement that the country has seen in the last 5 years stands testimonial for most of the changes in the socio-economical scenario of the country. Technology has been the vital link that connects information and people. With the advent of popular social media and communication channels, information finds people rather quickly.
Technology now aids almost all of the transactions that happen in India and the case of consumer behavior of Indian population is no exception.
Convenience redefined
A professional who works from Monday to Saturday would want to spend the time with his wife and kids when he gets an off rather than visiting some home furnishing stores in the town. Home furnishing stores online addresses this concern of the people convincingly and they are always on the winning note with this. This has become the most important attraction of online stores that lure people to come back to them repeatedly.
Additionally, it is easier to order a bedcover online rather than buying it from a shop. Home delivery is one of the catch-phrases that attract people to buying from an online store.
Unlimited choices
As there are many online home decor stores in India, it is easier to move from one merchant to another online pretty easily than moving from a physical store. It would be unreal to assume that a consumer is able to get everything from a single shop. Buying stuff online makes it easier to switch between sites and cancel an order with real ease.
Consumer wants the best and information
Home improvement is a continuous process and the consumer wants to get the best of it. They want to keep up with the latest trends and fads. This cannot happen with purchases happening at stores in the town. Online stores pack all the good things that a customer would want and most of them are best at what they do.
With ever increasing reach of internet and technology online home furnishing shops and their presence is here to stay.
We at Jodhaa believe that Indian consumers will move a large part of their home furnishing purchases over a period of time. The ease of operation, great return policies, free shipping, better pricing and the amount of time saves will be the leading reasons that the online purchases will be the major channel of purchase for home furnishings.

Make Your Room Exciting With These 5 Simple Decorating Tips

Most of the people are often not happy with the way their rooms appear. They want to make it look better and beautiful but have no idea how. If you did not know, according to a renowned home furnishing online store India, having a room that is well lit and has air exchange can instantly lift the quality of life in that room. Similarly a dull room can `make a person dull and lethargic.
Have you been searching for ideas to make your home scintillating and attractive like never before? Here are some simple ways that will help you with the task.
Plan how you want to do it: It is always nice to have a plan how you want your room to look like. Make a note of things that you would need (not want, let us discuss it later) for each room and then plan where you would want to place them in the room. Having a clear idea on how you are going to do it can save a lot of time and make the process thoroughly enjoyable. Home decoration is generally an exciting process, but without proper plan it can be time consuming and frustrating.
Consider the size of the room: Size of the room plays an important role in decorating the room. Always make sure that you do not stuff a small room with items that the room does not require. If you need a table for a small room, choose one that has a glass top as it can show occupying less space than it actually does. The simple rule for decorating a small room is simply minimalism.
Never fall prey to the fallacy of matching everything up: It is really important to understand, in a room only a few pieces should match and others have to have variety in itself. It is an old trend that everything you have in your room has to match with everything else. If you match everything up, then your room would look nothing more than a furniture showroom and become lifeless. Variety is the new buzz word and you have the responsibility of getting things that complement each other in every way than just matching. It would require some serious thoughts and a little more imagination.
Home furnishing items: An easy way to give your home the makeover you love would be to reupholster the existing items that you have in each room. This can save huge amount of money but it is important that you replace items that need serious attention. Also take enough care while arranging the items; you should not stuff the room with items as it can make even a nicely arranged room look poorly done up.
Be flexible enough: If you are going to buy furniture, it is important that you figure out what you would need and then what you would want. Always have the measurements of the room where you want the furniture to be set; it can avoid congestion in the room. Importantly have more than two shops under you plan for comparison.
Many soft furnishings store Mumbai can offer very good insights to fantastic home decor tips. Hence make sure that you have a talk with them while purchasing.
At the Jodhaa store we are always happy to help with simple tips and tricks to get your rooms looking better and well done up. It’s the small additions or deductions that usually make the big difference. A visit to the Jodhaa store or an email to us at could provide you with easy solutions to liven up your room.