Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Importance of Color in Home Furnishings

The manner, in which people choose to furnish their houses, as well as the objects they choose to display, can reveal a great deal about their aesthetic choices and tastes. Home Décor furnishings have an almost underrated contribution to the sense wellbeing and happiness of people and their residences or office spaces. For these reasons and a few more such important reasons, it is common to see people taking a great deal of care when decorating interiors of their homes.
Today however, we will be talking about the importance of one aspect of Home furnishings – Color. Go to any home furnishing store India and you’ll see the importance of color as it is becoming more and more apparent in terms of house furnishings and office spaces. We now see that the use of color is not limited to walls and in flooring tiles. Now, colors are being daringly used in furniture, fixtures and even lights.  Sticking to some basic governing principles, it is possible to use colors effectively to give your house a ‘color conscious’ makeover.  Before we do that however, it is necessary to understand the effects that color can have on you.
Mood – While one may not understand this, the color of a room can have a great influence over your mood. Certain colors can play a role in calming you down and some other colors are knows for enhancing creativity. This is why it is important to consider the activities that you would do in a particular room before picking the colors. Blues and greens are known to calm you down while bright colors like yellow, orange and red are associated to activity. Often, the best way to introduce color to your room on a budget is to pick colorful and printed designer bedsheets.
Personality – Colors are a fantastic means of showcasing your personality or channeling your individuality to your living or working spaces. Since colors affect our mood, the colors we prefer or like can speak volumes about the kind of people we are. Bright colors are associated with bubbly, cheerful and happy – go – lucky individuals. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and refined vibe, colors like ecru, pastels and crèmes are the correct choice. From wherever you shop online for designer furnishings, you will also find special paint colors that are often available to be customized.
Symbolism – In case of certain ancient religious sciences or practices like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, colors in a house are representatives of the natural elements. According to these practices, colors are said to be influencers of prosperity, luck, good health and so on. There are some colors like Black which are considered as unlucky or denoting ‘the dark side’ where s colors like brown, green, blue and red are representatives of the four elements.
It is important to understand that while using color in your home furnishings are encouraged, one mustn’t go overboard. The right way of playing around with color and its many effects is to choose the right shade. This can be done when you buy home furnishings online or even from designer stores by picking from an array of different upholstery, bedroom accessories or even fixtures. Not just these, you can also buy carpets and rugs online India which are in unusual patterns, designs and fabrics to add a splash of color to the room as well as include a different texture.
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