Friday, 15 July 2016

Renter Friendly Decorating Ideas

For most of you who have just moved out of home and are living by yourself or with roommates, being a renter has become a huge part of your identity. There is something completely unique about the struggles, rewards and multiple rules you have to follow as a renter. While you’re certainly frolicking in your new found sense of freedom, you may also be missing out on the absolutely liberty home owners have when it comes to modifying, renovating or simply changing things around your living space. However, we firmly believe that even when you’re a renter you ought to have the power to make your living space into a true reflection of your personality. Here are some renter-friendly decorating ideas we’ve compiled -

Accessories – While accessories seem like the simplest, easiest and often cheapest way to transform a generic living space into something more customized; you’d be surprised to know that they are an often overlooked aspect of Home décor furnishings. Accessories are basically any items that can add a little sparkle, color and dimension to a space. Right from designer bed sheets in your bedroom to printed cushions online and even small show pieces arranged artfully across a bookshelf, accessories can definitely have a transformative effect on your home.

Large mirror – What we love about mirrors is that they help give the illusion of more space and that mirrors are also helpful when you’re trying to brighten a room. The simple act of hanging a mirror in a hallway or a room can help in drawing the eye away from dull walls and tired furniture. Mirrors with quirky, fun or bold frames inject a lot of color and make a bold statement in a way that expensive art does.

Rugs/Carpets – It is so easy to find carpets and rugs online shopping these days that it makes no sense to not have them in your home. Carpets are incredibly comfortable and also have the power to bring all the elements of a room together by acting as a final flourish of sorts. With smartly placed carpets and rugs you can make an otherwise hostile room seem welcoming and even hide dastardly floorings. You can choose from carpets and rugs online India and if you’re feeling adventurous, hang carpets on walls instead of laying them across the floor.

Photo Frames – Aside from helping you reminisce about home or friends, photo frames are the easiest way of making a strange space your own. Peppering walls with familiar, happy spaces can’t help but elevate rooms into positive and bright living spaces and making it finally feel like home. You can buy photo frames online at unbelievable prices and patterns.

Paint furniture – One of the key rules of being a renter is that you absolutely cannot toy with the existing structure of the house. This sadly includes a ban on drilling holes in the walls and painting said walls. More often than not, people continue to live in the drab and dull homes because there seems to be no way to bring color into rooms apart from adding accessories. However, a very simple yet effective alternative to painting walls is to paint pieces of furniture instead. Dressers, drawer sets and book shelves that you have broug
ht with you can be painted in colors of your choice without interfering with the rules you have to follow.

Mix n match – Almost every Home Décor furnishing magazine or blog encourages you to stick to themes when it comes to furnishing your home. However, when you’re living in a rented space following that advice becomes next to impossible. When you are in a situation where you have to work in and around what already exists, we suggest that you go all out and ‘mix and match’ your way to furnishing perfection. Be it throw pillows, bean bags, shelves or accessories – let there be no restriction to what you choose to add to your living space. Mixing and matching helps bring a quirky and rebellious vibe while making sure that you’re utilizing every piece to its most.

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