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How to Choose an Oriental Rug

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For many people, the world of Oriental carpet is mysterious and overwhelming. Here are a few simple pointers we've learned to give our customers. To Buy Rugs Online or from Store.

Where to Start

Floor Rug in VelvetBefore you begin, take a little time to think about size and color; it will save you a lot of time. Draw a rough sketch of your room with the dimensions noted and furniture placed. If you're shopping for a dining room rug, know the size of the table; you don't want your chairs falling off the edge of the rug when you back up from the table. For stair runners, count the number of risers (each step has a riser and tread). Most new rugs come in sizes from 2 feet by 3 feet to 10 feet by 14 feet—although some come in larger sizes. Runners are typically 30 inches wide. If you are Buying Rug Online then you should know the Rug Size.

Conventional wisdom says that decorating a room should start with the Oriental rug. After all, there are infinite choices in fabrics and paints and a well-chosen Oriental rug will outlast most everything else in the room. Well and fine, and great advice if you are starting from scratch. More often than not, however, a rug is being chosen for an existing space with established color and style. Taking a photo of the rooms is also helpful. There are more colors and designs in Oriental rugs to choose from than ever before. Nowadays Stores and Online Sites offer Variety of Rugs. At Jodhaa we have variety of Rugs in various Designes and Colours. Buy Rugs Online in Mumbai from Jodhaa at Best Price.

Once you know the size of the space and have color samples tucked under your arm, it's time for the bigger questions. How much will it cost? How do I judge quality of Rugs? Where do I buy Rugs from Online or from Store?

What to Look For

Buy Carpet in VelvetThe price of an Oriental rug is based on:

  1. Quality
  2. Country of origin
  3. Age
  4. Condition
  5. Decorative demand

Most people quite literally "get tied up in knots" judging the quality of Oriental rugs. There are more important things to judge by. The weave should be fine enough to clearly express the motifs of the design. A design may have less than 100 knots per square inch while a detailed floral pattern may require 300 or more. While tightness and regularity of weave are important, the quality of the wool determines the resilience and lasting patina of a rug. The quality and fastness of the dyes are also important.

At the Jodhaa store we are always happy to help with simple tips and tricks to get your rooms looking better and well done up. It's the small additions or deductions that usually make the big difference. A visit to the Jodhaa Home Decor Store Online and Buy Variety of Home Decor Products like Bed Cover Set, Bed Sheets, Quilts, Razai, Carpet, Table Mats and Runners. To Make Your Home Look Better Than Others.

Each season Jodhaa creates a new collection with colors, designs, and quality in sync with the world markets but showcasing traditional skills of the artisans from various states in India.

The main Home Furnishing Products that we offer for Online Shopping / At Jodhaa Stores are bedspread sets, bedcovers, quilts, razais, dohars with co-ordinated pillow and/or cushion covers , carpets,  table runners, cushions and bolsters with co-ordinated table mats and wall hangings.. All products are hand crafted and individually embroidered or printed and are usually in cottons, brocades, silk and velvets.

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