Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tips to give a new feel to your home décor with rugs and runners

For anyone who wants to make their home look ravishing and beautiful while adding great comfort, using rugs and runners is a no brainer. Everyone knows to bring attractive and exciting looks to a rather dull room with carefully chosen rugs and runners. While this one point is enough to get one convinced to use rugs and runners as an important part of home décor furnishing, there are plenty of reasons why one should use them. We can easily say that rugs and runners have a special ability to complete the home décor furnishing.  Apart from its aesthetical appearances and looks, the comfort that it brings is an excellent point never to overlook rugs while decorating your home.
Following are the ways in which you can use rugs and runners to make your home look fantastic.

Defining areas with them

OneOne of the best ways to make use of rugs and runners is to use them to separate areas from each other and to define them. It would sure look cool if you can separate seating areas from dining areas and foyers.  This can come in handy if you have a smaller apartment that needs special attention to save a lot of space.

Go vivid on colors

If you are planning to use different rugs in your room, it is better to have them in tow different colors. Using different rugs of the same color can cut your room into pieces making it appear less spacious and congested.

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