Friday, 24 June 2016

Graduate from Your Bachelor Pad to a ‘Grown Man’ House: We’ll Tell You How!
You’ve moved away from home a few years ago and now live in the perfect bachelor pad complete with posters of your favorite sportsmen on the walls and dirty laundry everywhere. While we aren’t insinuating that all bachelor pads are unclean and have no aesthetic, we know that upgrading to a house that looks like a grown man lives there won’t hurt. We’re sorry to be the breakers of bad news, but one of the reasons that your chances with the ladies is getting hurt could be the ‘bachelor’ vibe your apartment gives off. Sad, isn’t it?

We bring to you some of the easiest ways by which you can upgrade your bachelor pad and make it look like a proper home.

Walls – We agree that you may never have given walls a second thought before. But when it comes to home décor furnishings and your home, walls are important. Bare walls are one of the hallmarks of bachelor pads and that’s alright. But when you’re looking at taking it to the next level and giving your home an ‘adult’ makeover, you have to focus on dressing up your walls. While you could go ahead and invest in a paint job, it is a process that takes up time and money. We suggest that you go to your nearest Designer Home Furnishing Store and stock up on a few frames. Frames are no-nonsense accessories that can breathe life into walls. However, if you’re not a fan of art or don’t like hanging pictures on walls, try wall hangings.

Windows – Bare windows may have seemed like the most normal thing in the Universe to you, but sadly, houses where well-functioning adults live have more than just the window panes to boast of. Curtains are very important to have in all your rooms not just because they look pretty, but because they give you the option of controlling how bright your room will be. If you don’t already have curtains on at least the windows of your bedroom, suggest that you buy curtains online shopping and help add another dimension to your bedroom.

Flooring – No, we won’t ask you to redo the entire flooring of your house. However, when you have bare floors all throughout your house, it ends up looking sparse – and not the nice kind. Having something to ‘dress’ your floors is a great idea and gives an added element of color, texture and depth to your house. You’ll easily find carpet and rugs online shopping and you can opt for these to help add some personality to your house.

Furniture – Bachelor pads often have furniture that is mismatched, second-hand and not very comfortable. While having guests over for sophisticated dinner parties or gathering may not have been a priority in your hey-days as a bachelor, as you grown up and find a more matured set of friends, this becomes a huge part of your social interactions. We advise you to make the leap and opt for furniture that is sturdy, comfortable and most importantly matches the overall tone and style of your house. You can choose from millions of styles and sizes of furniture from home décor online shopping sites or even home furnishing stores near you.

Bed Sheets – Contrary to popular belief, bed sheets are not something that is optional but very essential to make sure that your bed looks and remains clean and comfortable. You may have survived with only two bed sheets and pillow cover sets when you were in the ‘bachelor pad’ phase, but you now need to buck up and stock up on some good quality designer bed sheets. We suggest that you invest in anything from four to ten different bed sheets that are complimentary to the rest of the room. Change your bed sheets every two
weeks and within no time you’ll see just how luxurious sleeping can be.

Accessories – Probably the most underrated yet the most convenient way to seem like you have it together is to include accessories in your house. In terms of home décor, accessories include all the artifacts, fixtures and other knick knacks that make your house look better and add a little more personality to your house. Be it printed cushions, bed-side lamps, wall hangings or show pieces, anything that shows off a little bit of your style gets a big thumbs up! We are also positively digging the trend of bolsters and these are a sure fire way to add a bit of personality to your room.

While having a house that reflects on your maturity, sophistication and personality is a great thing, we understand that the shift from a bachelor pad to a more refined home is not one that happens over night. We suggest that you start changing the small things first and then eventually tackle bigger projects like painting walls or retiling.

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