Friday, 10 June 2016

Ingenious Hacks For Small Bedrooms

Love it or hate it, small bedrooms are an unavoidable aspect of real estate. Maybe you’re living with roommates and have landed the small bedroom or you simply live in a house where the bedroom is smaller and quainter than most. No matter the reason, a small bedroom has always been seen as cramped, uncomfortable and cluttered by most of the Home Décor Furnishings world. However, we’re here to tell you that it is possible to have a small bedroom that’s cozy, comfortable and uses space effectively. For the room where you start and end your day, we’ve compiled a list of hacks to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your bedroom, no matter the size.
The Bed Area : The bed is essentially the epicenter of your bedroom and is bound to take up a lot of space. While this may not really be such a big deal in case of bedrooms with space to spare, small bedrooms need beds that can do more. The area around your bed should be tidy and neat, but who said that you can’t make your bed work hard?
Storage – Rather than buying a bed that’s essentially just a hunk of wood, metal and mattress, opt for one that has storage space underneath it. This is a very common and underrated hack. By converting the area under the bed as a storage space, you’ve effectively cut down the need for at the very least a set of drawers and instead stashed your stuff in a place where nobody even knows it’s there.
Nightstand – The most important question to ask yourself is if you really need more than one nightstand or if you really need a nightstand at all. As radical as that may sound, you can still have a place to keep your stuff at arm’s length without having a nightstand. One fabulous way of doing so, is to take advantage of headboard space and add collapsible shelves or sections to it.
The Bed – The epicenter of the ‘bedroom’, your bed need not cut down on style if it has to bulk up on sensibility. You can always jazz it up with a funky Doubles cotton printed quilt or even nice designer bedsheets which you can easily find at Designer Home furnishing stores across the country.
The Walls: The walls in your bedroom can make or break the overall appearance of your bedroom by making it look like a mess and mish-mash of too many things going on at once, or making it look like a cozy wonderland where you’d definitely stock up on beauty-sleep. The rule you should be keeping in mind is that whatever you put on your walls should look good and serve a purpose too. Brownie points if he purpose fulfilled is a storage solution.
Wardrobe – If you have a wardrobe that is bulky and heavy, chances are that it will take up too much space and make your bedroom look smaller than it already is. Go for sleeker and flatter wardrobes that don’t take up too much space and are well-optimized on the inside with hooks, drawers and shelves for all your storage needs. If there is a chance that you can have the wardrobe partially pushed into the wall, there is nothing like it!
Accessories – Walls that are bare just make the bedroom look like it lacks personality. However, put too much stuff on the walls and it’ll look like all the Online Home furnishing Stores in India collectively threw up on your bedroom walls. Flatter and smaller pieces like photo frames, pictures, wind chimes near your windows and designer mirrors are all good to go. If you’re feeling adventurous, pick from the many carpets and rugs online India and rather than using it on the floor (where it will take up space), use it as a wall hanging!
Finishing Touches: Little details from the colors of your wall, wall shelves, and light fixtures and so on can really make a huge impact on what the final assessment of your small bedroom is.
Vanity – Most people, especially women prefer having a vanity table or area in their bedroom itself. Well, even if you do have a small bedroom, it is possible to have a decently stacked vanity if you pick a really tiny table with a hollowed out space for an ottoman on mini-sitting stool. If there is a mirror attached, there can be nothing better. For organizing your vanity, use pen-stands, jewelry holders, boxes and small bins.
A small bedroom does not have to mean a death sentence to your Home décor Furnishing dream. Be smart, simple and sorted in what you choose to bring to your bedroom and you won’t feel like you’re compromising – because you won’t be! We’d like to sign off by saying that when you have a small space to work with, always keep things tidy and let there be spaces between furniture or accessories.
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